It’s been 211 days. The joke is dead, but ISIS is not. Tonight, we have a full house with the Admiral and the original Fellow Traveller. We recount all the ways our Illustrious Leader went wrong with Charlottesville. Oh, also Nazis are the scum of the earth.

Featured in today’s podcast:

  • Charlottesville, VA is the hotbed of NAZIS ARE GARBAGE
  • Pres Trump has  hard time saying NAZIS ARE GARBAGE
  • Pres Trump (reluctantly), many Politicians, state that NAZIS ARE GARBAGE

Special Show Links:

  • 1943 Anti-Fascism film,
  • Sen Rubio goes off on Twitter, earns big boy pants
  • Former Grand Wizard if the Ku Klux Klan David Duke applauds the President’s statement
  • Join us in a moment of silence remembering the victims of terror in Barcelona

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V333 – Alt-Reich-Delete

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