Review: Superman Returns (*)

In my opinion, as a citizen and a taxpayer, and a card carrying member of the ACLU…

If you are planning on running out and seeing the much hyped “Superman Returns” save your money. Even if you are a Superman fan or fan of the Superman movies you'll be disappointed. Bryan Singer turned this movie into a ?chick flick? just to ?attract a female audience to take their boyfriends?

Unlike the reimaging done of Batman Begins, X-men, or Spiderman, Superman returns does not stand on its own. It was long and tiresome with little action, suspense, or emotion. The acting was marginal; the effects were gratuitous and overused.

Any critic who says otherwise must be getting some of the $130 Million in marketing money from Warner Brothers.

I give Superman Returns One Revolutionary Star (*) because the scale doesn?t go any lower.

For a more extensive review check back later …

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