Promises #46

Let’s hold President Biden to promises he made to the American people to get himself elected: 

Campaign slogan: “Build Back Better”

Climate & Energy

  • Give disadvantaged communities 40% of spending benefits related to clean energy
  • Put the US on a course to net-zero emissions by 2050.
  • Block new fracking on federal lands, but not ban all fracking
  • Establish new fuel economy standards


  • Immediately rescind the “Muslim bans” 1/20/2021 signs proclamation revoking Trump’s travel ban
  • Double number of immigration judges and staff
  • Create a pathway to citizenship for nearly 11 million people
  • Increase refugee admissions
  • Reverse family separation policies


  • Get COVID-19 under control
  • Implement mask mandates nationwide – 1/20/2021 Federal facilities and land mask mandate.
  • Use evidence to determine COVID-19 openings and closings
  • Rejoin the World Health Organization (WHO) –1/20/2021 Biden sends letter to reverse Trump’s WHO withdrawal
  • Restore the White House directorate for global health security – 1/20/2021 Biden restores White House office for global health security
  • Increase COVID-19 testing
  • 100 million COVID-19 vaccine shots for 50 million people in 100 days
  • Use the Defense Production Act to produce personal protective

Domestic Policy

  • Use a national commission to address policing issues
  • Eliminate cash bail
  • Invest $300 million in Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS) program
  • Expand Justice Department power to address police misconduct
  • Enact domestic terrorism law
  • Ban the manufacture and sale of assault weapons and high-capacity magazines
  • Require background checks for all gun sales
  • End the online sale of firearms and ammunition
  • End for-profit detention centers
  • Expand services for people during and after incarceration
  • Update the Voting Rights Act
  • Incentivize states to restore voting rights to convicted felons
  • End federal government’s use of private prisons and detention
  • Eliminate the federal death penalty
  • Decriminalize marijuana
  • Eliminate mandatory minimums for criminals
  • Create a bipartisan commission to consider reforms to the Supreme Court
  • Support the study of reparations for slavery
  • Require all federal candidates to release tax returns
  • Provide Section 8 vouchers to low-income families to cap housing costs at 30% of income
  • Introduce a constitutional amendment to eliminate private dollars from federal elections
  • Increase transparency of election spending
  • Restrict SuperPACs
  • Help state and local governments prevent budget shortfalls
  • Prevent the White House from interfering in federal investigations and prosecutions


  • Offer universal preschool to 3- and 4-year-olds
  • Make 2 years of community college or a high-quality training program tuition-free
  • Make HBCUs, TCUs, and under-resourced MSIs more affordable for their students
  • Stop for-profit education programs from profiteering off of  students
  • Double value of Pell Grants
  • Make public colleges and universities tuition-free for families who make less than $125,000
  • Forgive student loan debt from public colleges and universities

Foreign Policy

  • Rejoin the Paris climate agreement – 1/20/2021 brings the U.S back into the Paris Climate Agreement Protect military personnel and veterans from deportation
  • Provide assistance to Northern Triangle countries (Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras)
  • Restore Cuba engagement
  • Resume ties with the Palestinian Authority
  • Join allies to negotiate with North Korea on denuclearization
  • Rejoin Iran nuclear deal
  • End wars in Afghanistan and the Middle East

Health Care

  • Improve Obamacare
  • Reduce high maternal mortality rate
  • Lower cost of prescription drugs
  • Allow import of prescription drugs from other countries
  • Create a Public Health Jobs Corps
  • Restore ACA’s contraception mandate
  • Restore federal funding for Planned Parenthood
  • Repeal law barring Medicare from negotiating lower drug prices
  • Offer a public option health insurance plan like Medicare
  • Add 150,000 community health workers
  • Rebuild health stockpiles to be ready for crises
  • Change tax code so pharmaceutical production stays in the US
  • Reduce health uninsured rate for African Americans

Jobs & Economy

  • Create 1 million auto industry jobs
  • Enact the Equality Act
  • Guarantee 7 days of paid sick leave
  • Guarantee 12 weeks paid family and medical leave
  • Get bipartisan cooperation on the economy
  • Increase access to affordable housing
  • Create a public credit reporting agency
  • Give small businesses a ‘restart package’ for pandemic-related
  • Make union organizing easier for workers
  • End pay discrimination
  • Tighten ‘Made In America’ rules
  • Award federal contracts to companies that make all products in the US
  • Increase the federal minimum wage to $15/hour
  • Work with allies to develop secure private-sector-led 5G networks
  • Expand broadband, or wireless broadband via 5G, to every American

Older Americans

  • Put Social Security on a path to long-run solvency
  • Expand and increase Social Security benefits


  • Establish an offshoring tax penalty
  • Raise corporate tax rate to 28%
  • No tax increase for anyone making less than $400,000

Veterans & Military Families

  • Reverse the transgender military ban
  • Increase access to VA care beyond 5-year eligibility for combat veterans
  • Create a national center to reduce veteran suicide


  • Reauthorize the Violence Against Women Act
  • Nominate the first Black woman to U.S. Supreme Court
  • Repeal Hyde Amendment
  • Work to codify Roe v. Wade
  • Direct federal resources to help prevent violence against transgender women

Young Americans

  • Offer up to $8,000 tax credit for child care

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