Just saw Transformers! I'll have to say that it is a MUST SEE! You all know that I don't say great things about movies. I rarely say that a movie is something that you absolutely must see on the big screen. This is one of those times! This movie was amazing for not only fans of the series but people that just one a good time. But don't take my word for it…

Our secret reviewer says:

“Transformers is the biggest, coolest, baddest, most amazing action movie and SUMMER popcorn movie ever made. Michael Bay has outdone himself. GO SEE THIS MOVIE.”

Just to prove my point:
Afterwards I got into my car, dropped the convertible top, suddenly a plane flew overhead…I ducked and looked! That's the effect of this movie. I'll see it again! Multiple times!

BTW: If you can catch it in digital, DO IT! Premiere Fashion Square has been busy converting over to all digital screens.