Duck and Cover

It’s been 204 days, and… we just can’t do this anymore. ISIS is still here, but that joke is dead. We’ve eclipsed the half-year point, the NSA hasn’t taken us away yet, and we’re ready to break this week’s craziness down for you.

Featured in today’s podcast:

  • North Korea pokes a flabby, blonde bear
  • Beijing says, “None for us, thanks.”
  • Mueller’s Special Council® targets the burn directly!

Special Show Links:

  • Half of Elected Republicans would delay 2020 election if proposed by Pres Trump
  • Pres Putin has our bottom line in mind
  • Pres Trump channels his inner Alan Tudyk
  • Carl Sagan has some words of foreboding for us all:

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V332 – Duck and Cover

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