V2E8 – The Cinco de Mayo Music Edition

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Gunner seems to want the good old days of the “Cold War” back
Another Kennedy has driving Problems
Value what you do Rant

The rest is music kids! [ from the podsafe music network of course ]

Chasing the Clouds Away

Sinister Dexter

La Salsa Don Betto
Mr. Not Quite as Cool as You Think You Are Pants Captain
romany dance gitano flamenco hellozero
Passional Cruise m7
You Think I'm A Player Groove
Aguamala Carne Cruda


V2E7- Pray for me…we pissed off the Russians!

Four, Four, Four casts in a row!

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Podsafe Music:
Rise above adversity by MATADORS
Spring beasts of death by Chachi on Acid
Billy Jones Revolution Blues by Black and Tan

Gunner pisses off the Russians
Senate passes spending bill and dares a veto…
the 6% solution for cargo screening
National Day of Prayer
King George can't speak spanish good, then again…heard his english lately

Peace be with you!

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