The movie was a good time, too!

Thanks for your attendence!

The House of Wax event was a great success! The cheers when Paris got whacked were the loudest of all! I was pleasantly surprised by the movie and would recommend it to anyone who likes suspense/horror genre movies. I am a tough sell, but it did the original justice, Vincent would be proud!

If you are on this site because you attended the event, welcome! You have taken the first steps to adopting a new concept in entertainment media.
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Dan “Watch Paris Hilton Die” Novatnak

Show Notes 04-29-2005

One Man Revolution 04 29 2005

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6 1/2 Days with Joey Cruz
House of Wax, May 3 2005 at Regal Winter Vark Villiage at 7:30 PM
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House of Wax, May 3 2005 at Regal Winter Vark Villiage at 7:30 PM

podcast 04-29-2005

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