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Define: Revolutionary

Recently someone wrote me and said I should be cautious of using the term “revolutionary.” Then again, they also cautioned me not to use the term progressive either.

Just to keep things strait:
Revolutionary, when used as a noun, is a person who either advocates or actively engages in some kind of revolution. While a revolutionary is someone who supports abrupt change, a reformist is someone who supports more gradual change.

When used as an adjective, Revolutionary refers to something that has a major, sudden impact on society or on some aspect of human endeavor.

The One Man Revolution supports the idea as both the noun and adjective. Enough said?

North Korea reports nuke test

Looks like the N. Koreans have conducted an underground test of a nuclear device. The U.N. Security Council to meet this morning.

Here's the evidence:
DPRK [Democratic People?s Republic of Korea] Official Statement
USGS Detection

and some of the reporting:
USA Today
Orlando Sentinel
International Herald Tribune

Questions of the day:

What can the UN propose against the DPRK since they are already the most isolated and sanctioned countries in the world?

What will be the response from King George and his adinistration? (This is much more than “rumor” of weapons of mass destruction that lead to the invasion and occupation of Iraq.)



So…I decided to download a new version, it was updated in the beginning of the month, and viola!

I really like this format for the One Man Revolution and I know where all the settings hide.

Now I can go back blogging and podcasting without the hassle of the other system and the avalanche of spam it generated for me.

Long live the revolution!!!

Review: Superman Returns (*)

In my opinion, as a citizen and a taxpayer, and a card carrying member of the ACLU…

If you are planning on running out and seeing the much hyped “Superman Returns” save your money. Even if you are a Superman fan or fan of the Superman movies you'll be disappointed. Bryan Singer turned this movie into a ?chick flick? just to ?attract a female audience to take their boyfriends?

Unlike the reimaging done of Batman Begins, X-men, or Spiderman, Superman returns does not stand on its own. It was long and tiresome with little action, suspense, or emotion. The acting was marginal; the effects were gratuitous and overused.

Any critic who says otherwise must be getting some of the $130 Million in marketing money from Warner Brothers.

I give Superman Returns One Revolutionary Star (*) because the scale doesn?t go any lower.

For a more extensive review check back later …