V2E33 – Gag Order

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In my opinion, as a citizen and a taxpayer, and a card carrying member of the ACLU…

US Supreme Court Limits Public Employees 1st amendment rights
US Beltway Sniper Found Guilty of killing Six, spared from death
King George Outa touch…go figure! He did read while the towers burned!
I'm no joey but XMEN kicked box office ass!

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V2E32 – Back to work

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Earth Quakes – what can I do to help?;
Bloomberg wants US worker's DNA on file;
I got permission to play this…and help the impeach King George movement!; Impeachement, now that's the way to start a work week!!
Start the week with something fun…like shaving!

Responce to those Affected by the Earthquake in Indonesia:
http://www.interaction.org/indonesia/ ;
Impeach them now!
http://www.impeachteam.com/ ;
Just had to share…

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V2E31 – prequil to the grill

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Relax today, prepare for the insanity of the grill tomorrow ya'all; Only three more shows for the month of podcasts a day…then on to the new server!

Tips for having Vegetarians to your Memorial Day Barbeques: http://vegetarian.about.com/od/cookingt … vegbbq.htm

Black bean Burgers: http://vegetarian.about.com/od/maindish … Burger.htm

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V2E29 – Inconvenient Truth

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Review of the Al Gore Documentary…An Inconvenient Truth
I think that this is absolutely one of the most significant documentaries to be put out in a very long time. It is a simplified and at times funny look at the issues, backed up with well organized facts, charts, animations, and graphics. If people would just sit down and listen to the evidence portrayed in the film in the style it is presented, you could see a ground swell of action to change the current path, regardless of political affiliation. After all, we are all human and must exist on this one Earth.

I do foresee many ?traditional media? reviewers criticizing because it is a documentary that tells the story of inaction on the issue of global warming. (No one likes to be told that something is their fault.) They will turn the focus on the political ideology. They generally don?t want to be controversial, or rock the boat of their mostly conservative bosses. It is a shame.


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V2E28 – Drillin and Chillin

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King George orders documents sealed…nothing to see there…move along;
House says Drill if you want too…on to Alaska!;
Senate passes immigration bill, time for the fight to merge the House and Senate versions.

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V2E25- destructive distractions

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Only takes a week for senators to back National Guard Border Patrol;
Welcome to the new supreme court, can we enter your house…sure!;
Publishing SECRET data is prosecutable! No, really…it is…and it has been since 1917!

Laptop theft snares 26 Million US Vtes personal data! See, see, I told ya again!

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