Volume 2 Episode 1 Posted


One year ago today the One Man Revolution began.

To mark this auspicious occasion we have a new look, a celebration of music and rhetoric. (the old site is archived here)

Top Story:

Dick Cheney shoots hunting partner: Story, timeline, and ramifications. ( video simulation )

What news is being missed while the major networks swarm the story?

FEMA: Disater in action
Audit finds FEMA bilked of millions: Vast fraud, waste followed hurricanes, federal investigators testify. link
Iraq: Halliburton bills U.S. taxpayers $50 for $5 labor in Iraq ( link )
Australia: Halliburton hires “slave labor” to dig ditches and perform other duties ( link )
Wire Taps
EFF backs bill to Unlock the NSA Wiretaps ( link )

Music Courtesy of the Podshow Music Network

( music.podshow.com )
Brain Buckit ? Set the boogie Loose
Junkstar – Do the Right Thing
Derek K. Miller – Meltdown Man (Rockabilly Instrumental)
Rubber Band Banjo ? Naked Under Leather

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The revolution continues?