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One Man on MySpace too, are you:

TrueMajority, Progress Action Fund, Wes Pac, Nasty genocide in the Sudan

Movie: The Benchwarmers, April 6th PREMIERE Fashion Square

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[18:47] Feature: Loose Change 911, I want you to watch and judge for yourself. go now….watch the film, 1:21 at video.google.com … pause me … http://www.loosechange911.com

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Do one of these things…Be Revolutionary

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Tell Your House Representative To Pass H.R. 550 As Written

In the next two weeks there will be a final push to get H.R. 550, a bill introduced by Rep. Holt of New Jersey, on the House floor. H.R. 550 would protect the integrity of our elections by requiring a voter verified paper record of every vote, requiring mandatory random hand counted audits to verify the accuracy of electronic tallies, which is the only way to ever conduct an audit we can trust. It will also prohibit the use of secret software and wireless communication devices in voting machines.

Do it NOW…if the King had it his way he'd abolish the whole process and appoint his cronies for the rest of time!

Find your representitives and be heard: http://www.house.gov/

Volume 2 Episode 1 Posted


One year ago today the One Man Revolution began.

To mark this auspicious occasion we have a new look, a celebration of music and rhetoric. (the old site is archived here)

Top Story:

Dick Cheney shoots hunting partner: Story, timeline, and ramifications. ( video simulation )

What news is being missed while the major networks swarm the story?

FEMA: Disater in action
Audit finds FEMA bilked of millions: Vast fraud, waste followed hurricanes, federal investigators testify. link
Iraq: Halliburton bills U.S. taxpayers $50 for $5 labor in Iraq ( link )
Australia: Halliburton hires “slave labor” to dig ditches and perform other duties ( link )
Wire Taps
EFF backs bill to Unlock the NSA Wiretaps ( link )

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